Celebake with Weikfield

Brand Buzz planned & successfully executed BTL Campaing for Weikfield – Cake Premix range of products.

RWA / Residential Housing Complex was the chosen Touchpoint to reach target audience of Home Makers – Activity conducted during Festival of Diwali, was conducted select High End Housing Complexes in New Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad & Kolkata. Weekend BTL Activities attracted residents in large numbers


Pre Activity – Standees, Leaflets, Banners & Posters were placed installed in high footfall points – Shopping Zones, Community Centers, Walking Pathways, Play Areas, Entrances, Lift Area Etc.

Activity Setup

Cake Chef Workshop attended by residents, a mix set of audience eagerly listening & understanding the art of cake making


Cake Bake – Home Chef were appointed to conduct Cake Bake Workshops, workshops started with introduction of various cake ingredients, eggless ingredients, Cooker & Oven Pre Mix and necessary procedures


Followed by Q&A by the participants, on an average 3-4 Worshops were conducted each day of activity, Cake Bake recieved warm response from Cake Enthusiats & Kids


Tasting event: Host a tasting event where potential customers tried samples of cakes premixes.

Cake Pre Mix Sales – Discount was offered to customers who purchase your premixes or attend workshop


Team Brand Buzz