Fast & Up – Catch’em by Biceps

Brand Buzz planned & successfully executed BTL Campaing for Fast & Up – Range of nutritutive of products for Fitness Enthusiasts at Gyms

Product Sampling, Branding, Discount Offers, Fitness Instructors & Influncer Onboarding

Free samples were provided to gym-goers, with small samples of protein supplement to taste before committing to purchasing the product, this allowed them to try the supplement & see if they like the taste before making a purchase.

Flavour Challenge at the gym where gym-goers tried a range of protein supplements samples. A tasting table was on display with different flavors where they tried mix / choice of protein supplement to drink.

Onboarding / Partnerning with fitness instructors & influencers, having large following at the gym to promote protein supplements. Special offers were created for the influencer community consisting of free samples & discounts on range of Fast & Up products.
Created engaging content, that showcased the benefits & taste of protein supplements. Videos of people trying the supplements for the first time, recipe ideas for using the supplements & testimonials from satisfied customers.
Discounts were offered to gym-goers on their first purchase of protein supplements, incentivize them to try product & potentially become repeat customers.
Activity Highlight
Activty was conducted either in morning peak or evening peak hours based on Gym footfall trend. Data collection was done on Mobile App, sampled products were noted on App for future engagement, payment link was sent to interested customers.
Engagement was high due to Product Sampling of all avariants, Gym Sampling Activity, generated leads on an average 30% of Gym Members, further 10% of sampled gym members made purchase through the payment link,
Influencer / Gym Instructor onboarding was a hugely successful, with 100% engagement with Gym Instructers, brand was able to onboard over 50% Gym Instructors to its Influencer Program
Team Brand Buzz
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